Mastering Microsoft tools means you

dazzle users. | automate "busy work". | avoid spreadsheet hell.  | go home early.

Our Ingeniously crafted courses help you master technologies like SharePoint, Power Apps, Power Automate in as little as 5 days, even if you have no technical experience.
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You need a strategy, not a tutorial.

When Microsoft technologies are used incorrectly, businesses miss out on time-saving features, have frustrated users or worse, have a messy system that breaks or can't grow to meet their needs.

The hard part isn't knowing what the tool does, it's knowing how the tool is meant to be used. 

Using the tool incorrectly means cancelling dinner plans to fix errors or undoing weeks of work. Picking the right solution means putting the "busy work" on auto-pilot and you go home early. 

Luckily, all you need is a proven strategy to pick the right solution in any situation.   
Anyone can learn from Youtube - Our courses teach students how to solve complex real world business problems.   
I was so intimidated to be on a SharePoint project. This course got me up and running fast - I was consulting one of our biggest clients after a week!
Jessica D
Power Platform Administrator

Courses built around you.

Before signing up for a course, do you ever worry if it will waste your time?  Be confusing, out-of-date or boring?   

We pioneered a revolutionary teaching approach that combines self-paced lessons, real-world projects, and private coaching. 

That's right, you get a private coach!  This unique combination will ensure the course is personally catered to meet your goals, you're never "stuck", and you gain expertise in record time.

This proven approach is why we have no hesitance in offering a 100% money-back guarantee.
If our engineers didn't master these tools in days, we'd be out of business.  


 I've seen engineers watch YouTube videos and think they were experts.  Their solutions made our clients furious.


Free SharePoint Workshop

Learn one of SharePoint's trickiest concept, plus a powerful feature most engineers don't even know about.  We'll cover:
  • Common mistakes new SharePoint developers make
  • A simple trick to prevent bad data getting in
  • Storing multiple record types in one list
  • Design decisions to make reporting a breeze
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No prior SharePoint experience Required!

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Free  Webinar

Learn one of SharePoint's trickiest concept, plus a powerful feature most engineers don't even know about.