Power Platform Career Program

Even if you have no technical background, you can get a tech career as a Power Platform developer in as little as a few weeks, where your people skills are as important as tech skills!
Designed specifically for career changers to be challenging, impactful & fun!

Purchase includes all courses above + coach time
  • A Live Expert Coach

    Who will guide you every step of the way
  • Complete in 6 weeks

    If it takes you longer no problem!  

What's Power Platform?

Developed by Microsoft, the Power Platform lets you build apps without the boring parts of coding - so you can focus on solving interesting problems without worrying about the gritty details.

It's part of a growing movement called "Low Code", which lets people build software without needing coding experience. 

Will this help me get a job?

Yes! Each of our courses is built to make you job ready and your mentor will make sure there are no gaps in your learning.  

In addition, they'll leverage your existing experience to make you as attractive as possible on the job market. Don't worry if you have no technical background, we are astonishingly creative with our resume/interview prep.  

Many of our staff and students are career changers so we know what its like to be starting from scratch 

Still on the fence or have questions?  

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What happens once I purchase?

You will be contacted by your coach to schedule your first session together.  Topics include:
  • Your professional background
  • How the course schedule will fit into your schedule
  • What your goals are and any concerns you have
  • What your learning style is to maximize the coaching sessions
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From there you'll work through the courses above at your own pace starting with SharePoint, following our unique instruction system.
Once all courses are complete the coach will provide resume/interview practice & guide you on how to obtain a job.