MSP Training

We've partnered with over 100 leading MSPs, providing them with low code software development, and training to make their in-house staff Microsoft experts.

We understand your market & your customers because MSPs are the bedrock of our business.
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What's covered?

Every MSP has unique needs. We will customize our courses to precisely align with the specific requirements of your MSP.

Whether it involves adopting one of our established training programs as is, or fine-tuning it to best suit your preferences and our expert recommendations.  

Big discounts for MSPs with 5+ Staff members!

SharePoint Migrations

No matter the legacy systems, learn to migrate properly & time-consuming data discrepancies

New Revenue Streams

Entice companies to purchase more Power Platform licenses to increase their business.  Win win. 

Fast Results = Ecstatic Clients

Save days of development work by knowing when to use out-of-the-box features & when to customize.

Automate the busy work

Leverage Power Automate for your clients and yourself

Security will not be a worry

Permissions, Roles, Security Groups to ensure data is only visible to the right individuals.

How to stand out & more!

How to to set your MSP apart by using all the features of 
I was so intimidated to be on a SharePoint project. This course got me up and running fast - I was consulting one of our biggest clients after a week!
Jessica D
Power Platform Administrator

Lessons are constantly updated to reflect
the latest Microsoft Features

Our secret to mastery

All classes are hands-on.  From the time you log in you will be following self-guided lessons and developing in these tools as you learn.

Self-Paced is not enough - depending on your preference, one of our instructors will meet with your team weekly or with each staff member individually.   

These live sessions will contain real-world problems for your staff to solve together, using what they learned in the previous lessons.  
The goal is to mistakes in these mock scenarios instead of making costly ones with actual clients.  

What courses are included?

Although we can customize the curriculum, the most common training package companies purchase is our MSP bundle. It includes SharePoint, Teams, Power Automate & Power Apps.

The bundle was specifically designed to target the technologies companies need help with the most, and which provides the most revenue opportunities for MSPs.
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How can we help?

We can take any of our existing classes and trim/ modify the content to exclusively focus on what MSPs need.  If you want specifics content covered we can add it too.