Model-driven Power Apps & Power Automate

Far beyond dragging and dropping tables, you'll learn all the different ways Model-driven Power Apps apps can be shaped to fit your company's needs, and deliver features - fast.          
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What are Model-driven Power Apps?
  • A platform to build apps specifically for businesses to manage, store, and visualize their data
  • Designed for companies outgrowing Excel that need a powerful system that's customizable for the way they do business

    to be an Expert!

    of hands-on learning!
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    Fast Facts
    • Self-Paced Course

      Learn and perform the challenges at your own pace, in your own time
    • A Live Expert Coach

      You will regularly check in with a live expert who will guide you every step of the way
    • Real-World Problems To Solve

      Taken from our personal experience consulting businesses

    What will I know how to do after this course?

    • Build an ideal data model (database).
    • Customize all UI elements - including niche functionality like JS
    • Use out-of-the-box features but more importantly, know when to customize versus configure.
    • Leverage Business Flows & Dashboards properly to visually capture exactly what's happening in a business
    • Integrate Power Automate to add almost any custom operation you can think of while delighting your users
    • Deployments, security and so much more!

    What are Model-driven apps?

    • A platform to build apps specifically for businesses to interact with, store, and visualize their data
    • Designed for companies "outgrowing" excel and needing a powerful system that's customizable for the way they do business
    • No programming experience needed - once the data model is built, it handles the rest while providing you a customizable UI

    What companies use Model-driven Power Apps?

    • Beverage distributors like Coca-Cola to monitor their vending machine sales and installations
    • National foundations to track their grant applications and funding disbursement
    • Real-estate companies to manage their sales pipeline and ensure all repair technicians are dispatched appropriately


    How is this course different than everything else online?

    Our courses are dynamic - you watch videos and complete real world business challenges, but you also have a live coach!  They'll meet with you virtually and provide real world business problems to solve together - so you're ready for any situation at work.  

    It'll be challenging... but fun - and you'll be hands on the entire time!  

    Our videos are tightly edited to be in-depth, yet concise - saving you time! And if you get stuck on anything - you can always ask your coach!

    Read more about Our Approach!

    How does your other Power Automate course differ from this one?

    The Power Automate lessons taught in this course are specific to the most common needs of Model-Driven app developers.  The other course is generalized to using Power Automate across different systems and dives deeper into its capabilities.

    Put simply, our Power Automate course will make you a master of Power Automate. Period. There was a period after that sentance, followed by the word period, and then another period - so you know it's serious.

    This course will make you a master of Model-Driven Power Apps... and tell you what you need to know about Power Automate in service to that end goal. 

    Why is this course separate from Dynamics 365?

    Because Model-Driven Power Apps is the "engine" that Dynamics 365 is based on meaning the knowledge you gain here will make the Dynamics 365 course a breeze. 

    Can I seriously finish this course in 7 days?

    Students who exclusively focus on the course all day can finish it in a week, but the average working individual finishes in about 2-4 weeks. 

    What's your refund policy?

    We offer trial classes of every course to ensure you know what to expect. If you're not satisfied within 30 days, we'll refund your money - win win.

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