Model-driven Power Apps & Power Automate

Moden-driven apps is a powerful tool for businesses to streamline their operations, but mastering its functionality can be daunting.  This course steps you through mastering Model-driven Power Apps + Power Automate so you're more than job ready, you're the "go to" expert at your company. 

Our hands-on exercises and real-world business problems can make you an expert in 1 - 3 weeks, even if you have no technical background!
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    • 10 - 14 hours Average Completion time

    • Model-driven Mastery Certificate - Incite Verified

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    When we say you can 
    master Model-Driven Power Apps - we mean it! 

    Our unique approach has been tested on numerous software consultants, all with zero Power Apps experience.  Some with zero software experience.

    Within 1 week they were able to not just help clients, but lead meetings to solve complex business problems.  

    Model-driven apps is so flexible it has become the bedrock application for many businesses.  Since many of its tools can solve the same problem, it becomes paramount for the developer to know which is best.

    Picking and implementing the right approach in Model-driven apps means completing tasks fast and efficiently, and going home early. The wrong choice means cancelling dinner plans to fix data or process errors to avoid disappointed users.

    This course makes sure you’re ready to ask the right questions, know best practices, and make the right choices to finish projects in hours instead of days. Massively increasing your company's productivity via Model-driven apps is great, but the real triumph is when you're dazzling superiors and getting recognized and rewarded for it.

    What's covered?

    This course is strategically designed to help you solve your companies trickiest business problems the right way, without resorting to hacky solutions that break later.

    Build visuals your users love

    Dashboards, Business Process Flows, & reporting to visually see every aspect of your business.  

    Data models that will grow with your business

    Dataverse best practices so you only build Tables, Forms & Views once.

    Fast Results = Ecstatic Bosses

    Save days of development work by knowing when to use out-of-the-box features & when to customize.

    Automate the busy work

    Power Automate specifically for Model-driven apps & Dataverse.  

    Security will not be a worry

    Permissions, Roles, Security Groups to ensure data is only visible to the right individuals.

    Advanced Concepts made easy & more!

    JavaScript, Power Fx, Solution management and much more!

    What's our secret to expedite mastery?

    Your own private coach!  That's right, you get a coach! They'll work with you 1x1, but around your schedule.

    Each lesson is self-paced, so you can complete the lessons & projects on your time.  After each section, the coach will meet with you 1x1 to ensure you've nailed the concepts.

    That's how we guarantee mastery! Innovative lessons alongside private coaching.  It ensures rapid course completion because like a personal trainer, they're always at your side helping and cheering you on.

    You complete the lessons on your time and meet with your coach when convenient for you.  Win win!  

    My first day at a new job is usually "OMG what am I doing" but this course made it so smooth.If you're about to start a position in Power Apps, I'd say definitely DO IT, a very good course.
    Ryan G.
    Power Apps Developer

    Goals for this course:

    • You make the "right" technical decision every time. 
    • You're never "lost for words" on how to solve a problem in Dynamics 365.
    • Superiors notice your expertise and reward it.
    • Users thank you for building a system they want to use, and stakeholders rave how fast you did it.

     Many programs will give you videos, but how many will personally take their time to ensure you succeed?  

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    Lessons are constantly updated to reflect
    the latest Microsoft Features

    More than videos

    All classes are hands-on.  From the time you log in you will be following self-guided lessons and developing in these tools as you learn. The projects & quizzes mimic real-world business scenarios.

    The coach will challenge you to come up with the best possible solution for these real-world problems.  The goal is to mistakes in these mock scenarios instead of making costly ones on at your company.  

    Do you have a specific project you want to build for your company? The coach will adjust the program to be specific to your learning goals, and not some arbitrary syllabus.

    Goals for this course:

    • You make the "right" technical decision every time 
    • You're never "lost for words" on how to solve a problem in Power Automate
    • Colleagues thank you for spotting weaknesses in their code
    • Seasoned architects review your code and think, "Well done - good thinking".   

     Many programs will give you videos, but how many will personally take their time to ensure you succeed?  

    30 Day Money Back Guarantee

    We're here to help you master Model-driven Power Apps - not steal your money. 
    If you are not satisfied within the first 30 days, we'll provide a full refund.

    Ready to become your company's expert?

    When your company grows beyond the limits of Excel, they need staff who can advise them on how to build things right.  We're going to make sure that's you, because our course is built to have your back every step of the way.