Welcome to Low Code!

We created our online + interactive + live instructor supported programs to be challenging, impactful, and fun.

No matter your background, you're on a the fast track to a tech career where people skills are as important as tech skills.

What is Low Code?

They are maintained by companies like Microsoft, Salesforce and others.  Low code technologies let you build powerful apps while removing the boring parts of coding - so you can focus on solving interesting problems without worrying about the gritty details.  

It's 10x faster

In traditional full code development, adding a button to the screen requires a myriad of steps including building the HTML, security, API, etc. 

In low code, adding a button is just dragging and dropping because the rest is handled for you so you can spend time focusing on what the button should be doing.  


Year over year growth of the low code market.


more low code developers needed in the next 3 years.


trending software in 2023

Who's hiring low-coders?

Gartner predicts by 2025 that 70% of businesses will be using low-code, but today the job market can't keep up.
That means opportunity. For you.

This means opportunity.  For you. 

Whether you have a software background, or are new to the industry - the ability to connect with users and leverage soft skills is critical to low-code success.    

Is this for you?

When you are a traditional developer, most of your time is spent alone solving a technical problem that may require delving into the complex inner-workings of a computer. 

Some love this kind of tinkering, but others find it painful. 

Low Code abstracts the monotonous minutia away - empowering us to work more with the end user and solve fun, complex problems.  We get to use Automations, Apps, Artificial Intelligence and other tools that excite users, which we rarely have  time for otherwise. 


Can your other courses get me a Low-Code career?

For career switchers we strongly suggest the Power Platform Developer course, but the courses below can also make you job ready and it really comes down to preference.

SharePoint + Teams
 - A easier option for career switchers to build lightweight applications quickly.  
Model-Driven Apps - A little longer to complete but allows you to build even more robust applications.

Having trouble deciding?  Contact us and we'll work with you to pick the right option based on your background.