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Power Automate

Power Automate empowers us to build business processes (such as tasks & approvals), and behind the scenes software automations (such as manipulating and synchronizing data between systems) with one powerful tool.

Sprinkle in it's AI capabilities, endless customization options, and the fact that's it's included with Microsoft 365 subscriptions and BOOM!

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  • 7 hours Average Completion time

  • Power Automate Mastery Certificate - Incite Verified

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Master Power Automate or Money Back 

When we say you can master Power Automate in 3 days we mean it.  Our unique teaching methodology has been tested on numerous software consultants, all with zero Power Automate experience, some with zero software experience. 

Within 3 days
they were able to not just help clients, but lead meetings and solve complex business problems.  

Power Automate is one of the most customizable development tools, and that makes it powerful and dangerous.  It's easy to build a simple Flow that sends emails, but what if your business has some complex steps or external systems? 

Picking the right solution means completing tasks fast and efficiently, and going home early. The wrong choice means cancelling dinner plans to fix process errors to avoid disappointed users.

This course is to make sure you build it right the first time.  You'll impress your project managers, fellow developers, and yourself. If you don't achieve mastery, we'll return money immediately.    

What's covered?

This course is strategically designed to help you solve your companies trickiest business problems the right way, without resorting to hacky solutions that break later.

Automate the process

Master Triggers! - configuring your Power Automate flows when to run, and when not to...

Go above and beyond what you thought was possible

You will know how to use Loops, Variables, and Expressions

Efficiency with integrations

Know how to Embed Power Automate in other applications.

Understand complex concepts

Licensing, Security, and Performance Optimizations - oh my!

APIs will not be a worry

Build complex flows that call APIs, including the Microsoft Graph API.

Minimize errors!

Logging, Alerting, and how to trap errors will be easy for you. Braggable.

*ring* *ring* ...Call in another flow

Learn how to call Flows from other Flows.

Customizing will be your specialty

You'll have the foundations for building custom connectors and Much, Much More!
Knowing these guys do this for Enterprise clients and they’re personally reviewing my work and helping me was priceless.  You weren't spoonfed the answer; you were guided but had to figure it on your own, like you would in the working world.
Brian S.
Managing Director

What's our secret to expedite mastery?

Your own private coach!  That's right, you get a coach! They'll work with you 1x1, but around your schedule.

Each lesson is self-paced, so you can complete the lessons & projects on your time.  After each section, the coach will meet with you 1x1 to ensure you've nailed the concepts.

That's how we guarantee mastery! Innovative lessons alongside private coaching.  It ensures rapid course completion because like a personal trainer, they're always at your side helping and cheering you on.

You complete the lessons on your time and meet with your coach when convenient for you.  Win win!  

Goals for this course:

  • You make the "right" technical decision every time 
  • You're never "lost for words" on how to solve a problem in Power Automate
  • Colleagues thank you for spotting weaknesses in their code
  • Seasoned architects review your code and think, "Well done - good thinking".   

 Many programs will give you videos, but how many will personally take their time to ensure you succeed?  

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Lessons are constantly updated to reflect
the latest Microsoft Features

More than videos

All classes are hands-on.  From the time you log in you will be following self-guided lessons and developing in these tools as you learn. The projects & quizzes mimic real-world business scenarios.

The coach will challenge you to come up with the best possible solution for these real-world problems.  The goal is to mistakes in these mock scenarios instead of making costly ones on at your company.  

Do you have a specific project you want to build for your company? The coach will adjust the program to be specific to your learning goals, and not some arbitrary syllabus.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

We're here to help you master Power Automate - not steal your money. 
If you are not satisfied within the first 30 days, we'll provide a refund.

Why we do this

Hi, I'm Dustin Sitton.  I run a Software Consulting company called Incite Automation.  Honestly, hiring is hard for tools like SharePoint.

When I hire Software Developers they try to build everything "from scratch".  But with tools like SharePoint it takes a different type of mindset.   

I've had more success hiring career changers and teaching them SharePoint.  After seeing people with no experience become successful consultants, I've had other companies asked me to train their staff!

I've partnered with some of the best training professionals in the business to make sure these lessons are engaging, challenging and just plain fun.