Founded by a guy who thinks writing code is not the future

Incite Discovery was started by Dustin Sitton, once you read his background you'll think “Ahh yes. This makes sense that he would do this.” 

Dustin Sitton

Dustin was also a great full code software architect and then realized low-code solutions were faster to implement, customize and scale than anything custom.  He started our sister company Incite Automation which does just that.

In his free time Dustin wake boards, spends time with family and sometimes builds pinball machines.
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Our sister company, Incite Automation, is a nationally recognized leader in low code software development. Finding great developers is easy, but finding people like you that have the desire and soft skills to move beyond just writing code is hard.
Incite Automation had to train their staff – teaching them not just how to use a tool, but how to be great lifelong learners of technology. Then we started teaching other major tech firms. Now, Incite Discovery will teach you.