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engineers. | thinkers.

Our online + interactive + live instructor supported programs in Microsoft technologies are built to be challenging, impactful, and fun - while positioning you for the hottest and most rewarding career path in tech.

We're a different form of boot camp virtual learning

Anyone can watch YouTube and memorize the answer to a problem – but that’s a short term solution to a long term challenge. 

Our courses teach how to think, and how to problem solve with real world business problems, and hands on technology training – is complete with live experts that help, teach, and guide – every step of the way.
Anyone can learn from Youtube - Our courses teach students how to solve complex real world business problems.   

Featured Courses – Far Beyond Rote Memorization

We’ll teach you the technologies below using a mix of real world problem solving, and best practice guidance.  

Need to train your team?

We have courses specifically designed for Managed Service Providers (MSPs), and organizations who want to take their staff to the next level.