Model-driven Apps

Far beyond dragging and dropping tables, you'll learn all the different ways Model-Driven apps can be molded to fit your company's needs and deliver features fast.  
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What are Model-driven Apps?
  • A tool to build apps that allow businesses to store, interact with and visualize their data
  • Designed for companies "outgrowing" excel and needing a powerful system that's customizable for the way they do business
  • Requires no programming experience because once the data model is built, it provides the UI (e.g. Views, Forms Dashboards) but lets you customize it

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    Fast Facts
    • Self-Paced Course With A Coach

      An expert will have your back the whole time
    • Beautifully Edited Videos

      Saving you time while keeping you attention
    • The Same Tool Top Companies Use

      Including Toyota, H&M, & Coca-Cola

    What are Model-driven apps?

    • A platform to build apps specifically for businesses to interact with, store, and visualize their data
    • Designed for companies "outgrowing" excel and needing a powerful system that's customizable for the way they do business
    • No programming experience needed - once the data model is built, it handles the rest while providing you a customizable UI

    What is Power-Automate?

    • A service to run automations including updating data, syncing apps, sending emails or notifications, and so much more
    • Prevents users from doing time-consuming, error-prone work 
    • Replaces "cron" jobs (daily jobs) that require complex code

    What companies use Model-driven Apps?

    • Beverage distributors like Coca-Cola to monitor their vending machine sales and installations
    • National foundations to track their grant applications and funding disbursement
    • Real-estate companies to manage their sales pipeline and ensure all repair technicians are dispatched appropriately

    What will I know how to do after this course?

    • Build an ideal data model that can scale a business without roadblocks.
    • Customize all UI elements including niche functionality like JS
    • Use out-of-the-box features but more importantly, know when to customize
    • Leverage Business Flows & Dashboards properly to visually capture exactly what's happening in a business
    • Integrate Power Automate to automate tasks saving your users' time and preventing errors
    • Deployments, security and so much more!


    What are the classes like?

    Each section is self-paced so you watch the videos and complete the projects/quizzes at your speed.  All projects are "hands-on" so you will be building the entire time.

    The videos are designed to be concise, in-depth, and most importantly, fun!  If you get stuck you can ask your coach :)

    After completing a set of sections, you'll have a scheduled meeting with your coach!

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    How are your quizzes "innovative"?

    The "quizzes" aren't trivial true/false questions; they're thought-provoking business problems where we guide you towards figuring them out on your own so you can be successfully independent in the real world.  You can see an example below in the Course Lessons.

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    What do you mean I have a "coach"?

    You will be assigned a coach (who works with the tool daily) who will meet with you on your schedule.  These "check ins" are designed to check your progress and throw some tricky business related scenarios for you to solve together. 

    It's a live discussion for 15-30 about minutes to ensure there are no holes in your learning and most importantly, give you "mock business scenarios" to practice.  Your coach will also be your guide to finding a new job if needed. 

    Will I get a job after?

    We can't force you to go to interviews but we can give you interview/resume help and introduce you to our network of companies seeking employees with the skills you learned in this course!  

    If you complete all sections of this course we're gosh darn confident you'll end up gainfully employed. 

    Can I have a "free trial"?

    Sort of!  You can Register for a FREE account and then take some of the free lessons in this course to make sure it's a fit.  Just click Register above and then you can cherry pick any section you want below.

    What's "Project Based Learning"?

    Instead of passively watching videos you'll be following along and building.  At the end of each chapter you'll solve a "real-world" problem to prepare you for life after this course.

    Why is this course separate from Dynamics 365?

    Because PowerApps is the "engine" Dynamics is based on meaning the knowledge you gain here will make the Dynamics 365 course a breeze. 

    Can I seriously finish this course in 7 days?

    Students who exclusively focus on the course all day can finish it in a week but the average working individual finishes in about 2-4 weeks. 

    What's your refund policy?

    We typically don't offer refunds because we provide a "free trial" but since life is unpredictable we make exceptions or new arrangements because our goal is you learning; not being Mr. Scrooge. 

    Course Lessons