Welcome to Low Code.

The future development isn’t ninjas, rock stars, wizards, or even coders.
It's You
Whether you are a full code developer or a 
career changer 
looking to make the switch - you've come to the right place.
The course makers for Incite Discovery are a mix of lifelong full code developers, and career changers who have worked in every aspect of software development - all across a wide range of industries and verticals.

We created our online + interactive + live instructor supported programs to be challenging, impactful, and fun.

We know they work... because these are the courses we used to build our staff for our sister company, Incite Automation

What is Low Code?

Low code technologies are built and maintained by companies such as Microsoft, Appian, Salesforce and many others. These technologies simplify and abstract away the mundane parts of software development, so we can focus on new and impactful aspects of our work.

Best of all, these companies handle compatibility, scalability, and software updates and enhancements as well. 

It's Fast to Develop

In traditional full code software development, adding a new field to a system requires a myriad of steps. You have to add that new field to the database. And the contract. And the web services. And the front end. And several layers of abstraction. Then you have to test. It takes time... a lot of it.

In low code, by adding a field to the solution, new web services are automatically updated for you. Security is handled, and adding new fields are drag and drop. It takes on average about 10x less time than full code development. 


Year over year growth of the low code market.


The anticipated number of low code developers needed in the next three years.


Position of Low Code among IT trends in 2023
It's Growing Faster than the Job Market Can Handle
Most tech reporting and industry thought leadership has come to the same conclusion - that the majority of software development will switch to Low Code in the coming years, but the job market hasn't kept up.

That means opportunity. For you.

Traditional software development salaries have been commoditized by offshore development. Low Code technologies are so fast and impactful that they require a different kind of software developer. One that can both work with stakeholders, and write the software. 

Whether you are coming from a traditional software development background, or are new to the industry - the time to make the switch is now. 

It's Fun and Rewarding

When you are a full code developer, you wind up solving the same problems over and over... just with slightly newer coding libraries and methodologies each time. Security, User Interface elements, and scaling are fun challenges the first time around, but as technology moves forward many full code developers get bored. Low Code abstracts the common banality away - empowering us to build things (AI! Interactivity! Cool Integrations!) we would've never had the time for otherwise. 


Where Should I Start?
All of our courses include problem solving, data structures, and databases.
We believe these are the keys to... well... everything. Here's some more info, having trouble deciding? Reach Out!
SharePoint + Teams
- A good option for career switchers to build lightweight applications quickly.
Power Apps (Model Driven) |Dynamics 365
- Great if you want to build robust database applications.
Power Automate
- The middleware. A great course for building automations, integrations, and moving data.
Power BI
- Do you love building reports and Business Intelligence? Then this is the course for you.